When YouTuber Ajey Nagar ROASTS TikTokers by Creating A Memefest HISTORY

The Youtuber Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati is a acknowledged face on social media in India for creating comical films and roasting with good humor. Last night he was seen releasing a model new video on social media trending #CarryMinatiRoast on the Microblogging site – Twitter roasting the TikTok group in a crazy means. He condemned the entire group defending Amir Siddiqui a acknowledged Tik Toker and his fan following his objective.

This started when Amir was seen importing a video for YouTubers and commenced bashing them for  video content material materials and stealing the similar. With these snippets over his video, Ajey Nagar was seen specializing in your complete group with some cool messages making the people on social media go crazy. Within no time, they’ve been able to garner 15 million views for the same. Let’s study some trending messages on Twitter from last night as beneath:

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