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Vertical Farming: An Innovative Approach towards Farming

When it comes to farming, the traditional approach does not provide effective results when compared to vertical farming technology. If you are living in a semi-urban or a developing rural area, then the scarcity of cultivating land provides massive difficulties. There are some of the techniques that provide productive and efficient results while farming in those areas.

These farming techniques provide ease and good reach the farmers. One of the popular forms of farming that is gaining its fair share of importance is Vertical farming

This excerpt provides a holistic idea about vertical farming and its understanding that enables you to attain this practice in various places such as vertical farming at home.

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Vertical farming

In Vertical Farming, the crops are cultivated in a stack approach. This occurs in a regulated environment that provides different vertical farming advantagesVertical farming in India is gaining its massive share of popularity as it is a method that includes minimal usage of vertical farming equipment.

Benefits of Vertical Farming

  • Vertical farming cost is very low as compared to traditional farming techniques. This is due to the vertical farming investment that needs a very low amount of input. 
  • You can get a range of vertical farming crops that needs minimal space and low investment.
  • There are numerous vertical farming companies in India that provide effective support and help in acquiring this technique fully. In addition to that, these vertical farming companies are also researching further to gain maximum output.
  • It is beneficial for places where space is scarce. You can even practice this method in a small place.
  • Vertical farming technology provides a different approach altogether in comparison to different traditional methods.

Vertical Farming Disadvantages

  • The main disadvantage of vertical farming techniques is its low involvement reach. This technique is widely used by vertical farming companies for maximum benefits. The grass-root level farmers are unaware of this method.
  • The traditional farmers find it very difficult to develop an understanding of this technique. They find it very complex.

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Vertical farming vs. Traditional farming 

People are often suspicious to leave the traditional approach to farming. For them, it’s very hard to develop an understanding of the new technique. Following are the two differences between them: 

  • The traditional approach can only provide single crop cultivation in a specific period, whereas vertical farming enables us to get various outputs from the same space.
  • The process of vertical farming involves very simplistic and minimal efforts, whereas the traditional approach needs lot of effort.

With the advent of technology, there is a massive possibility to gain access to the different types of farming techniques. The horizontal farming method is the USP of vertical farming and it provides effective results also. The pieces of equipment used in vertical farming are also way simpler, though you may need some professional help for efficient working. You can expect different crop cultivation with this technique.