Effective Techniques to Boost Laptop’s Performance

In the era of digital reign, we all know the importance of electronic gadgets in our life. Whether it is a Smartphone, laptop, or play station, we prefer that gadget which gives better performance than the other one. If you are using a laptop for gaming purposes, then also sometimes you feel the urge to improve gaming performance on a laptop. Today we will discuss how to speed up the performance of the laptop irrespective of the model and brand.

To have a better experience and improved productivity while working on a laptop one needs some tips to improve laptop performance windows 10. We all are familiar with the presence of the operating system on our laptop. It can be any version of Windows, Linux, or iOS. Windows 10 is the most popular operating currently. Here are a few tips to follow to speed up Windows 10 operating systems.

Techniques to Improve Laptop Performance

A brand new machine and a laptop after some time of rigorous usage show two different performance levels at the same sight. Many users observe that the machine is getting slow while working which tests patience level as well as becomes less productive. Sometimes you may feel that your system taking a long time in starting, to speed up laptop startup you may prefer the below-mentioned techniques. In such type of cases, any laptop user wants to speed up the laptop for free.

The tricks mentioned below will help to increase laptop speed windows 10 at an ease. All the gamers also want to increase laptop performance for gaming even though it is not that hard to do. To help many people, we are here with some effective techniques which can be utilized to speed up windows 10 softwareWithout any further ado, let us start with the tips.

windows 10 performance mode

Power options on the control panel

You need to navigate through the start icon on the taskbar and search power options. When you will see the power option application on the result, clicking on it will take you the control panel power options window. You may see the two options, in which one of them will be marked as default performance as balanced, you may change it to the high-performance option to improve laptop performance windows 10.

Disable Unwanted Startup Applications

To increase the laptop speed windows, you may need to disable or uninstall the entire useless startup program. To speed up laptop startup delay issues this trick will help a lot.

Step to uninstall unwanted startup applications:

  • Go to the task manager by clicking space on the taskbar and select task manager from there.
  • Now, go to start up once you reach the task manager window. You will mark over there the list of all the programs which are automatically started once your system has started. It contains all the programs that are installed by the user on the system.
  • You may experience that there are a lot of programs and the boost up process has gone slow. This program runs on the system background which makes all other processes slow. 
  • You can easily disable the unwanted background running processes by clicking on them to boost the windows 10 performance mode.
  • Releasing fragments and optimizing drives



Optimize the Drivers

We are here with an effective process to speed up the laptop for free and to increase computer speed windows 10, you may need to defragment and optimize the drives on the system. To implement, please follow the steps:

  • Go to start menu, type defragments on the search bar. Click on the defragment and optimize the drive.
  • A pop-up window comprising all the drive details will appear. You may select the system drive and click on the optimize button on the right-hand side.
  • Close the window.
  • This technique of cleaning drives will surely improve laptop performance in windows 10 at ease.
  • Delete unused temporary files or folder

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You may perform this action by simply navigating to the file manager and selecting the files or folder for deletion. This action will free the memory and will boost up system performance. This is one of the most popular ways to improve laptop performance windows 10 of any model or model.

These are some of the effective techniques to utilize to speed up the laptop for free without using any professional’s advice. One more thing you need to keep in mind that you should not disable the Microsoft inbuilt program because that may lead to a major failure in the system.