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How to Be in a Healthy Relationship?

Why are Healthy Relationships Important?

This is one of the common questions that ring up anyone’s mind while they are trying to build up strong relationships. Everybody needs relationship tips at some point in time. To be it a romantic relationship or relationship within and between families, there are certain proven ways to make a relationship stronger. For a strong relationship-building, one has to know the types of relationships, types of unhealthy relationships, and what makes a bad relationship

What does a relationship signify? 

 The healthy relationship definition signifies that one can grow harmoniously by inculcating proper communication, understanding, and patience. Love enriches and doesn’t imprison. With complete trust, one can enjoy full freedom. A healthy relationship never stands in the way of your dreams and considers your dreams as theirs.

Types of relationship 

The relationship between two individuals takes various shapes over time. There are different types of relationships that one would eventually be a part of. 

  • Long-Distance Relationship 
  • Open Relationship 
  • Monogamous Relationship 
  • Polygamous Relationship 
  • Friends with Benefits Relationship 
  • Purely Sexual Relationship 
  • Toxic Relationship 
  • Good on Paper Relationship 

Types of unhealthy relationships 

There are certain relationships you should never be a part of as it only squeezes your mental happiness at the end of the day. 

  • Stagnant Relationship 
  • Carefree Relationship 
  • Dishonest Relationship 
  • Drama filled Relationships 
  • Abusive Relationships 
  • Secret Relationships 
  • Relationships with Controlling Partners 

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Tips to be in a Healthy Relationship 

 There are certain qualities one must possess or inculcate to make a relationship very healthy. And, even if you don’t possess those qualities, by following certain habits and taking strong relationship tips from people who have led healthy relationships is a must. 

  • Communication is the key 

One of the most commonly given advice to maintain a healthy relationship is to communicate in the right fashion. The major reason behind the misunderstanding in the relationship is the lack of communication. 

  • Build trust 

Build trust with your partner is the number one relationship tip for ladiesTrust is the basic building block of any relationship and you need to take the relationship forward only if you blindly trust the significant other. 

  • Respect each other’s’ time 

You should never take anyone for granted in a relationship and this is one of the best long-term relationship advice provided to those couples who are entering into marriage alliance or a relationship phase. 

  • Don’t dig the past 

Everyone would have had some relationships in the past which they yearn to forget. It is better not to dig the past and make the other person feel very pathetic. 

  • Listen to Your Partner

You should always listen to the other person when they are talking and you need to maintain proper eye contact. This is one basic aspect of a relationship that many fail to deliver.

  • Don’t make fake promises 

If you can’t keep up a promise, then don’t deliver fake promises. The fake promises only destroy a relationship. 

  • Don’t force 

You should always let the person be in their shoes. It is not fine to compel them to make you feel nice all the time. 

These are the things you need to know about being in a relationship. This is not a process with a small duration but a life long journey that requires a lot of love, time, and patience.