Mobile Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know

Cell phone camera tricks are one of the hottest topics doing the rounds right now. The camera was once known as a different device altogether once upon a time but with the advent of technology, with inbuilt camera facilities on your phones, and that too of such great quality, all one needs are some good mobile photography apps and the knowledge of some mobile photography tricks. These tricks are quite similar to usual photography tips and tricks but differ in some ways too. If you are concerned about how to take good pictures with iPhone and android mobile photography then you are in the right place! In the previous article we discussed regarding the mobile phone security tips, we are now about to discuss some awesome ideas and ways to click the best pictures and that too just on your mobile phones.

How to take good pictures of yourself?

 Selfies are the new trend in the market. They may seem like an easy piece of job. However, you may have noticed how some selfies look good while the others seem a bit off. This is because taming one’s pictures has its mechanism too and rather is quite harder than taking pictures of others or other things. Here are some mobile photography tips you should keep in mind when you take your next selfie.  

  1. Check the lighting. Good lighting gives a bright outlook and makes the pictures look happy and soulful. 
  2. Keep a comfortable angle. Tilting your phone too much or taking a picture with the camera too up close are some common mistakes that some commit. Angles matter while taking pictures. 
  3. Go easy with the effects. We all give certain effects to our pictures. However, just keep in mind to not overdo it. It may make your pictures look too fake. 

How to take good photos with a phone:

Taking pictures with your phones may not sound viable to some, but it is indeed quite efficient if the photographer knows some tips. They are fairly common so let’s take a glance at some of them. You may find some iPhone photo tips in there as well: 

  1. Keep your lens clean. To get clear and sharp pictures this is a must. You can use a soft cloth or even your t-shirt sleeves as well. 
  2. Keep your focus on the subject. If and when the focus gets distracted, the whole picture loses its meaning. 
  3. Control the exposure. Too much brightness as well too little brightness in a picture can ruin it. What you need is to regulate the amount of light you let in through the lens. 
  4. You can also use the portrait mode for efficiently blurred backgrounds. 

Mobile Phone Photography tips and tricks

Photography is a kind of art that requires you to observe your surroundings. A photographer would see something in a particular scene that could be completely hidden from the eyes of others. However, there are some tips and tricks that could make pictures taken by a novice look like professional photography as well:

  1. Use the HDR mode for efficiently lit pictures with the perfect contrast and amazing detailing captured on camera. 
  2. Make sure to keep your camera steady to avoid blurry shots and rather have clear sharp images. 
  3. For iPhone users specifically, you could use the burst mode to take shots of actions or where the subject is in motion. 

How to Take Good Photos with a Digital Camera

Well, the notion that you must go amidst the Nature to get amazing shots is quite baseless. Yes, it gives you great sceneries but you can very well spur up photography ideas at home and they would certainly be as good. What you must know is how to take that perfect shot that would make it work, so here are some smartphone photgraphy tips on taking good photos with a digital camera:  

  1. Avoid shakes while taking the pictures. It would, of course, turn them blurry.
  2. Keep your camera focussed. 
  3. Check that you have the correct shutter speed.
  4. Also, avoid extravagant backgrounds. It steals the vigor of the focus and or the subject of the picture. 

The next time you click a picture keep the tips in mind. It will help you make the best of pictures and that too make them look like pictures taken by professionals, while all you would do is learn and apply some smart photography tricks.