Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Winner and Runner Leaked before finale?

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Winner

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Winner and Runner Leaked

The 105-day Bigg Boss game is set to open today. Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Winner & The champ of the big screen unscripted TV drama Bigg Boss Season 3 will be declared on Sunday, third November 2019. Bigg Boss season 3 Telugu began with 17 hopefuls and Nagarjuna as host. As of now, Rahul, Sreemukhi, Varun Sandesh, Baba Bhaskar, and Ali are in the last. There is significant competition among Sreemukhi and Rahul. In any case, the stun, at last, is proclaiming Rahul as the victor. The Winner was Leaked our during is today around evening time’s finale shooting. It is accounted for that Rahul will be announced the victor while Srimukhi will be next in line.

Grapple Sreemukhi has been a main in the title race since her presentation, both as far as errands and execution. The group of spectators was anticipating that she should win the title as she is likewise a fan most loved outside her. In any case, Rahul, who had gone to the last with no desires, had been uncommonly robust in the previous weeks.

Rahul is the most famous chosen one among a group of spectators due to Sympathy. Not once, not twice, yet multiple times in 14 weeks (no selection in 15 weeks). He was selected and spared ordinarily this season. Rahul couldn’t help the commander because of the absence of undertakings. Rahul, notwithstanding, affirmed that it was not essential to turn into a victor. Rahul was fruitful in advancing a hairdresser and doing wistful work, guaranteeing that his nativity and was not concealing the inventiveness. Bigg Boss Winner gets Rs. 50 Lakhs, What does it mean, it’s a desire for individuals to realize that anybody can become renowned with diligent work and flexibility. Rahul’s words that he would be glad to do that are all around associated with them.

Rahul coexisted well with the way that the enormous managers were in the spotlight to make Sreemukhi the victor. What do they declare the victor? “We have to cast a ballot.” Even Baba Bhaskar, Varun, and Ali. For what reason did they not get cast a ballot .. Rahul’s competition with Sreemukhi turned into help for him. Rahularmy has been energizing for 11 weeks with a progression of designations, and he has been beaten Sreemukhi’s military.

In the interim, in a Telugu time survey, Rahul got a higher number of votes than Srimukhi. Till yesterday, the two were tied .. Rahul bested the rundown with only 1% of votes. Rahul started things out with 32 percent votes and Srimukhi with 31 percent. Baba Bhaskar was third with 19 percent votes, and Varun Sandesh was fourth. Ali Reza tied for the last spot with 4 percent of the vote.


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