5 Best Air Coolers in India with Price

Though air conditioners have become more popular recently, air coolers in India are still in use. You will get a wide range of products in the market, which might confuse you in choosing the best one. So we have brought to you a comprehensive best air coolers in India list, going through will might help you in concluding. 

The 5 best air coolers in India are listed below:

Crompton Ozone, 75 liters, desert cooler: 

This is an effective one to beat the summer temperature. There are very few brands that can be classified under the top ten best air coolers listthis being one. This product has incorporated a few upgradations from conventional technology, which is useful. It can fit well in a medium-sized room, functioning at its optimum level. 

Havells Celia cooler 55 liters: 

If you are searching for an aesthetic product, which will enhance the overall look of your room, go for this one. You get a wide range of options and choices, that will help you in running the product as per your choice. This product allows you to control the temperature of the cooler using a remote.  

Siesta 70 liters air cooler: 

It provides you with the ideal cool room ambiance. It has excellent room cooling delivery, which will undoubtedly meet your room cooling requirements. The cooler is ideal for a medium or large-sized room. To enhance the airflow, the fan size has been kept 16, which allows it to rotate easily too. 

Orient Electric Magic Cool CW5002B 50 Litre: 

If you are looking for an expensive product, this is the quality air cooler you must buy. It’s better to build quality ensures its longevity. Additionally, it’s portable too. 

Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70 liters: 

It is one of the most affordable products available in the market, guaranteeing quality services. The product has an excellent finish and fit and is durable. 


List of Best Air Cooler Brands in India

Air Cooler Brand in India



Symphony: Their varieties of the best coolers are manufactured so as they cater to all kinds of cooling requirements and needs. They are suitable for all spaces, whether it’s a small room or Living area or outdoor spaces, office or a banquet hall. 

Orient: Their wide range of products consists of the best air cooler in India. Equipped with powerful fan and motor combination, they re durable and will run as long as you want it to. Also, they provide effective cooling, air throw, and air delivery making the least noise. 

Crompton: Under the best air cooler list, Crompton air coolers have to be included. They have been producing home appliances for more than 75 years, giving satisfactory services to all customers. 

Bajaj: This too is a popular brand in India, included under the top ten best air cooler list. If you are willing to keep your home cool during the summers, Bajaj air coolers are an affordable choice. The highlights of their products include effective air distribution and throw and incorporation of innovative ideas and features. 

We have provided you with the best performing air coolers which render the best performances. Choosing any one of them will surely meet your room cooling preferences. They are the best air cooler under 5000 You can get a wide range of products including a wall-mounted cooler. 

With changing and developing technology, air coolers have become more compact and convenient and powerful too. The four brands mentioned manufacture the best air cooler in India. Also, they are equipped with modern features like ice chambers, remote control, castors with brakes, collapsible louvres, etc. which gives the best user experience.